Serra Verde is the first large-scale producer of all four magnetic rare earths outside Asia. The company also aims to be the most sustainable provider of vital rare earths in the world. Serra Verde’s integrated Pela Ema rare earth mining and processing operation is a world-class ionic clay resource in terms of relative size and grade, which supports a long-life and low-cost operation with strong ESG credentials. 

Key features

  • Located in Goiás state, central Brazil

  • Established mining jurisdiction, with existing logistics infrastructure

  • Vision Blue’s investment contributed to fully funding final project construction

  • Commercial production began at the end of 2023

  • Ionic clay deposit amenable to low-risk open-pit mining

  • Simple, established processing technique with no hazardous reagents or wet tailings

  • All power supplied by renewable sources

  • Significant embedded optionality and scalability to drive strategic value creation

End uses

  • Rare Earth Elements such as those produced by Serra Verde are used in the manufacture of permanent magnets for electric vehicles and wind turbines, which are essential in the emerging transition to clean energy technologies

A birdseye view of Serra Verde's operations.