We have established a bespoke framework designed to fully integrate ESG in all stages of Vision Blue's investment process. 

Our approach

Our vision and mandate are closely aligned with the global climate change agenda. The effective management of ESG factors is central to Vision Blue’s value proposition and is integrated into everything we do, from our strategy to our investment approach and reporting.

Investments are only made in companies that have a demonstrated commitment to ESG and are willing to build appropriate ESG systems.

We have a comprehensive Climate Strategy, aligned with the recommendations from the ‘Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures’ and relevant industry standards.

To underline and support our ESG approach as responsible investors, Vision Blue Resources is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment ("PRI").

ESG in our investment process

ESG due diligence

  • Systematic review of material risks and issues
  • Critical review of management’s intent, plans, controls and capabilities
  • Summary report

Investment decision

  • Systematic incorporation of ESG factors
  • Agree ESG requirements and incorporate into investment documentation

Monitoring and engagement

  • Support the development of appropriate ESG frameworks
  • Monitor and evaluate progress and performance 
  • Provide feedback and support

Portfolio reporting

  • Quarterly and annual reporting of ESG information to Vision Blue

Vision Blue Resources reporting

  • Internal annual reporting to shareholders 

  • Annual reporting to PRI

  • Annual public ESG reporting