Geo40 develops unique, innovative technologies for mineral recovery from underground fluids for deployment at scale in the global transition towards cleaner energy and greener critical minerals.

Key features

  • Operates the world’s first large scale plant, in New Zealand, to commercially and sustainably recover nanoparticle colloidal silica products, with enhanced environmental credentials, from geothermal fluids

  • Emerging direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, proven at lab and pilot scale and found to be applicable across a wide range of underground fluids globally

  • Strategic focus is on low-to-medium grade lithium-bearing oilfield and formation waters of North America

  • Vision Blue’s investment to contribute to in-field DLE piloting across North America during 2024 and subsequent scale-up to demonstration scale

  • Geo40 plans to prove its DLE technology in a methodical way, utilising the scale-up experience gained during the development of its silica recovery technology

End uses

  • Lithium is critical to green energy and emerging low-carbon transportation mobility, with key applications in lithium-ion batteries for EVs, grid storage and mobile devices

  • Colloidal silica enhances functionality across an ever-growing range of products and applications including speciality catalysts, coatings, adhesives admixtures, paper, cement and others

Northern Plant at Geo40