Cornish Metals is working towards re-opening the historic South Crofty underground tin mine, one of the highest-grade tin resources globally with potential to become a new, low-cost global producer. Cornish Metals is currently advancing South Crofty’s re-opening through mine dewatering, continued resource drilling and completion of a Feasibility Study as well as evaluating additional downstream opportunities. There is currently no primary tin production in Europe or North America.

Key features

  • South Crofty tin mine located in Cornwall, UK
  • Proven operational history
  • Potential to be a long life, modern, underground tin mine
  • Small operational surface footprint and targeting zero surface waste
  • Significant existing infrastructure for future operations
  • Exploring opportunities for on-site generation of renewable power, plus ground source heating from warm mine water
  • Opportunity for domestic supply of tin to the UK and Europe
  • Tin has critical mineral designation in the UK, USA and Canada

End uses

  • Tin is used in high-tech hardware, electrical vehicles, renewable energy infrastructure and robotics

A structure at Cornish Metals